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St. Bernard's House

Open to the public since 1995, Casa de St Bernard is certainly a guarantee of flavor it's from quality recognized. See our selection of homemade and traditional meals, always made with fresh and seasonal products of the best quality. Not forgetting the desserts! to which you will not remain indifferent.

Plan your week and make the most of our help.

All ready cooking, no more worries and guaranteed success the table.

A Tarte

Era uma vez uma amêndoa que sonhava ser tarte. Todos temos um sonho que gostávamos de ver realizado. O da Catarina e do Vasco era fazer a melhor tarte de amêndoa que alguma vez fora feita. Uma tarte de alma genuinamente portuguesa, com casca rija, mas coração mole.

Agora, através da Take@Home, convidamo-lo a provar uma fatia deste sonho e a partilhá-lo com os seus amigos.

Horta store

Our baskets couldn't be fresher or more organic! considering and always respecting the seasonality of the products, our baskets are picked and delivered to your home in less than 24horas ensuring maximum freshness.

See the baskets of the week! You can order fruit, vegetables and vegetables and even place your special order. We will be happy to prepare it specifically for you.

Tell us your wishes and we will deliver it to your door!

Quinta do Espinho

Probably the best Douro wines in an excellent relationship between quality and value.

Made and vinified with selected grapes, which ensures high quality Quinta Wines as the entire cycle, from the selection of the vines to the vinification, is internally controlled.

Find here a selection of their best wines – reds and whites –, including the award-winning and famous Noemi or the Great Reserva Red. They are simply divine.

Quinta da Vacaria

A Quinta da Vacaria é uma das mais antigas da região - o primeiro registo data de 1616. Fica situada na margem dos Rios Douro e Corgo, junto à cidade da Régua, no coração da Região Demarcada mais antiga do mundo, o Douro.

Aqui revela-se a origem do país vinhateiro. Acredita-se que foi nestes montes, tão graciosos, onde ambas as margens se debruçam sobre as águas do Douro, que se plantaram as primeiras vinhas desta privilegiada região.

Encontre aqui, através da Take@Home, uma seleção de vinhos.


Portugal is a country with a long tradition in the bakery and the Soil It's a very special bakery. all your cereals are 100% national, its finely ground flours craft in stone millstones and its doughs are slowly fermented for 24 hours, greatly facilitating digestion and health.

Our suggestion starts with Barbela, of a wheat very cultivated in Trás-os-Montes or the Alentejo, with wheat flour from our Alentejo, old pasta (wheat + water) and sea salt collected manually.

Take your test and you will find that “everyone is the best”.

Wild Flower Honey

Our honey comes directly from Vila Nova de Milfontes, a region characterized by a very diverse flora, which gives this honey a magnificent flavor and unique characteristics for its production. 100% biological.

already ours Pollen is probably one of the only ones that doesn't bitter, allowing it to be used in different types of dishes and with that increase the benefits for your health.


Healthy detox program based on natural juices and wellness and health programs.

Very fresh juices, based on natural ingredients and very original recipes.


Gulato ice creams are a trip to heaven in the paradise of Comporta.

With a huge variety of vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free gelatos and sorbets, its ice creams are created daily by the artisan method traditional Italian, with natural ingredients, betting on freshness, sustainability and flavor.

“Celebrate and respect the diversity of flavors with first-rate ingredients while maintaining a small, artisanal production.

Release your desire…”

The bald

the pastry shop The bald, founded in 1954 and still today in Restelo, has always maintained the tradition of the best portuguese pastry, having gained an unshakable reputation in Lisbon.

Oh, it was duchesse with true chantilly, simply irresistible or the Bolo-Rei that is so good you don't have to wait for Christmas, …forget about sin and enjoy yourself with us!

Floats of Fun

Floats of Fun is a Portuguese brand of luxury inflatables. With a range of options inspired by glamor and joy of living from the Art Deco era, Floats of Fun is a reason for pleasure and joy on the beach or in the pool.

Discover our exclusive collection of inflatables, created for refreshing and unforgettable moments for everyone who likes to enjoy the pleasure of the sun and water.

Let’s have Floats of Fun.